This cookie statement describes the use of cookies when you visit CWS Login (Site).

When you visit this Site, it automatically collects your Internet Protocol ("IP") address and other technical information provided by your browser (e.g., your browser, what site referred you to this Site, etc.).

Cookies are small identifiers stored by your browser software to identify you. This Site sets only first party cookies.

First party cookies are cookies that are set by this Site. This Site sets these first party cookies as necessary to facilitate the functionality of the site (e.g., identifying you for security purposes so that the system knows what you are authorized to view) and to allow us to track metrics regarding usage of the Site.

Cookie GroupCookie NamePurposeMore Information
CWS Login
  • SSOCookie
  • SSOLogin
  • SSOURLLocal
  • SSOModePref
  • ForceLoginCookie
  • SSO2Step
  • SSOLangPref
These cookies are used within CWS Login for operation of login and maintaining single-sign-on state. See paragraph that follows this table.

All but the SSO2Step & SSOLangPref cookies are "session cookies", which means they are only resident in memory and removed once you close your browser. SSO2Step & SSOLangPref are €"persistent cookies"€ stored on the file system to identify a specific browser and device the user has successfully completed a 2 step authentication. It is only set if the user checks the box to remember the computer, and is removed after it expires.